Monday, August 31, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Status quo

Synes at etterspørselen etter ingeniører i Norge er synkende, hovedsakelig på grunn av økonomisk krise. Manglende 6 måneder før jeg kan reise til Norge. Jeg håper ting blir bedre. Jeg har enorm respekt for det norske folk, og ønsker ikke å være mer en innvandrer som vil ta jobben til en norsk, så bare skal gå der hvis de trenger min kunnskap og erfaring. Jeg likte å gå til Bergens-området, virker som en god by. Jeg håper ting bedre i de kommende månedene.

Inauguration extravaganza

It's almost time for elections, and with elections come inaugurations so that the short memory of the masses does not forget political party X when the time comes. Portuguese political parties seem to follow this pattern very often. But in Portugal inaugurations are really hard work. Casting agencies are appointed to choose the people (children included) who are going to appear on TV together with the respective minister. Helmets must be provided for false engineers and sometimes, a truck full of mining ore must be sent to deploy ore on the ground to appear on the background newspaper picture of minister X, to prove that mine Y is “actually working”.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sweden has balls

A Swedish newspaper reported that Israeli soldiers kill Palestinians to go to steal and sell their organs. I have no memory of any country having the courage to denounce such crimes against humanity. Furthermore, Sweden has had some politicians that have spoken on behalf of peace and denounce these situations, as was the case of Anna Lindh (Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs who was murdered, perhaps for speaking out against Israel).

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

Random and interesting stuff

Just saw a documentary about some Spanish researchers who were trying to measure the pollution level around a factory. They collect moss samples and analyze them, because moss absorbs a lot of pollution and heavy metals. The amazing part was to see moss being attracted by a magnet due to the high concentrations of heavy metals. Of course, iron must be the responsible for the amazing effect, due to its high magnetic permeability.
Another interesting thing was to see that there is a parking lot in Spain which is using a vertical garden on the extraction ventilation of a parking lot to absorb part of the pollution (something like this). The plants absorb CO2 and the bacteria absorb some of the chemicals on the fumes.